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Helen Chandelier / Pearl Pendant
Designer Larissa Sand’s HELEN CHANDELIER (2002) is a contemporary interpretation of the classical chandelier. The objective of the project was to distill the essence of the traditionally ornate and decorative chandelier into its simplest modernist form.

Delicate proportions are used to create a coherent balance between the materials of laboratory glass and precision CNC machined aluminum. The eight glass tubes are pierced by the armature arms, which also conduct the power to the 12 volt halogen light source. A hidden internal spring mechanism holds each tube in place so its clean lines are uncompromised. The organic rhythm of the armature contrasts with yet balances the linear glass tubes. The resolution of the challenging mechanical details are executed with care and precision so that the graceful simplicity of the piece is preserved and expressed even in the smallest of details. Also pictured is the Pearl Pendant. The product is available through 100watt Network.